Know Haryana Program

The Government of Haryana is launching the “Know Haryana Programme” formulated for the benefit of Haryanvi Youth who are not Indian Nationals but whose parents and/or grandparents are of Indian origin, and have had no opportunity to discover their roots in India in general and Haryana in particular.

Know Haryana Programme (KHP) is to create awareness about the phenomenal transformation taking place in India and the country’s progress from just a destination for culture, heritage and art to an emerging powerhouse in the global economic system. The KHP is expected to provide the exposure to various facets of the Indian way of life, culture, spirituality, adventure and sports, creativity and composite character of India and particularly Haryana.

Government of Haryana will invite NRI kids to participate in various sociocultural activities and intermingle with the local Haryanvis with the basic idea of exchange of perspectives and values.